Save The Date: The Book Review💕

Hi, My Lovelies! Welcome back to The Book Loving Poet. This will be a book review on Save The Date by Morgan Marston.

This book is about a girl named Charlotte “Charlie” Grant. All of her siblings are coming into town to spend one last weekend before their parents sells their childhood house. While Charlie is trying to cope with everything changing in her life. She doesn’t want to think about college next year, or things changing with her family. She decides that nothing or no one is ruining this weekend with her family. She want it to be perfect.

For one everything in life is not perfect. The wedding planner quits, the house alarm keeps going off, and Charlie’s crush pops up unannounced out of no where. They find out that there’s a missing tuxedo, an unexpected dog popped up on their yard, and their neighbor hellbent on revenge on the family. In all the chaos that Charlie and her family is dealing with at the moment. There is still more to come for the Grant Family.

While, preparation for the wedding everything you can imagine happens of this day of bliss but everything worked out for the best. Also, in the end The Grant Kids found out that their parents are getting a divorce. The shocking news has rocked them to the core. But, At the end of the day they will always be a family; The Grant Family.

Well, This is all I have on The Book Loving Poet. I will like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my blog. Also, I will see you guys soon!!


Temeka 💋